Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. warrants to its original consumer that all products delivered and installed by Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as they are owned by that original consumer. This warranty applies to the repair or replacement of the defective product however does not include normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, storage above capacity, negligence, alteration or exposure to extreme dampness or temperature change. This warranty does not cover any products affiliated with our cabinets that were not provided or installed by Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. which include but are not limited to appliances, countertops electrical and/or plumbing fixtures.

Please keep in mind you have chosen a natural wood product and it is therefore subject to the many natural effects from which natural tree growth can cause. The effects of any natural piece of wood may be pleasing to one customer and not to another. Therefore simply picking through material is not effective. Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. purchases only top grade Lumber and Veneer panels and we pass that on to you, our customers. Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. warranty only applies to defects and does not apply to the natural wood features that are inherent in all wood species. Nor does it cover the natural aging of the wood after the install of the cabinets.

To exercise your warranty, please contact Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. An Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. representative will inspect and if it is determined that a particular issue is defective, Imperial Custom Cabinets, Inc. will replace that part free of charge. Replacement parts are susceptible to materials and hardware and finishes that are available at that particular time and may be subject to change.